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Getting involved in activities we love like reading a book at the library, having lunch at the pub with friends and sailing on the water seem like fond memories during these challenging times.

Thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking, the team at Afford’s Jamisontown Day Program is bringing these much-loved experiences to life for clients to enjoy in the comfort of their Day Program!

Lisa, the Senior Lifestyle Assistant at Afford Jamisontown has introduced exciting activities to keep clients entertained and stimulated while COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

With some clients missing getting out and about in the community, Lisa and the team have worked hard to replicate some of the client’s favourite outings and activities on-site.

From an outdoor library through to lunch experiences, Team Jamo has shared their tips and strategies for staying energised, stimulated and happy during isolation.

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty

Gardening engages the senses of smell, touch and even taste! Dig up the weeds and plant some of your favourite herbs and veggies to suit the season. Jamisontown clients planted peas, cucumbers, rosemary, rocket, sage and more! Once grown, these delicious herbs and veggies will be picked and used during cooking programs.

  1. Explore the World Through Books

There are so many places to explore, people to meet and facts to learn by reading books, We may not be able to visit our local library, but Team Jamo have made their own by creating a reading space outdoors. Read together, share a laugh and let your imagination run wild!

  1. Get Crafty

Paint, draw or create a sculptural masterpiece! Art and craft can develop fine motor skills, help with self-expression and also help us stay calm. You can buy art and craft supplies or use everyday items like toilet rolls, straws and egg cartons. Clients at Jamisontown Day Program used pipe cleaners to create fish shapes. Then created fishing poles using a stick and wool. Boats were made from foam pieces along with straws and paper to make sails. With the sun shining, everyone enjoyed watching their boat creations sail on the water of the on-site inflatable pool. It’s just like being by the waterside!

  1. Start a Pen-Pal Club

A good old-fashioned pen and paper is the best way to stay connected. Set up a Pen-Pal Club to tell someone how much they mean to you while working on key skills of handwriting, spelling, and letter recognition. Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail and while we are required to remain apart, staying connected through letters engages the mind to support good mental health.

  1. Create Your Own Experiences

Pubs and restaurants may not be open, but your imagination is never closed! Team Jamo have put their creative thinking caps on and temporarily converted their Afford van into a food truck! Complete with a food truck menu and tickets for customer orders, everyone enjoyed an ‘eating out’ experience in the backyard of the day program.

  1. Organise a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are easy to organise and heaps of fun. Lisa and the team collect a variety of items from around the Day Program that clients recognise. They hide the little treasures around the site and support clients to find all the items in the treasure hunt.

At Afford Day Programs across Australia, our staff are innovatively creating engaging activities on-site that give clients opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills and have fun all at the same time.

Find out more about staying active and engaged at an Afford Day Program.