Our Post:

For school leavers looking for job opportunities, customer service is an absolutely essential skill particularly for retail and hospitality. So our Prestons SLES participants have been completing a Customer Service course over the past 12 weeks. The purpose of this course was to give the trainees an insight to the hospitality and retail industry, as well as equip them with the tools necessary if they wished to pursue a career in these industries.

The trainees learnt a lot of new things about the workplace from policies and procedures, work health and safety and dealing with customers. It was a really interactive and fun course and the trainees loved the group discussions. They all participated in the projects assigned to them, often working together and helping each other.

One of our trainees, Sarah enjoyed the course and said it was interesting “I loved learning about the real world and how society is today…and how customers order online compared to in store”.

Another trainee, Shahnia commented that she “enjoyed learning to work as a team”.

Congratulations to all the course participants. Just recently, they completed the course and were presented with certificates to recognise their achievements. It gives the trainees the confidence and determination to move forward and strive towards their goals of gaining open employment.

That’s not all, our trainees were then able to put into practice what they learnt through a mock café set up. How exciting! Just like a real café situation, they practiced taking orders, dealing with those difficult customers and also handling questions. The trainees excelled with handling difficult and at times stressful situations and were able to demonstrate good customer service with a smile!

Keep that smile beaming everyone! Looking forward to finding out where this will lead you in the next few month