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Jewellery making requires fine motor skills and attention to detail. These are every day skills that we encourage throughout our Day Programs and other Afford services.

Creating Programs That Suit Our Clients’ Interests

When our clients at Oran Park Day Program said that they wanted to start a jewellery making program at their site, Team Leaders quickly began planning to make this program a reality.

Beads, jewels, string, clasps and more was purchased to give clients opportunities to explore their talents in jewellery making. It was both the ladies and men who were interested in the program and each individual had a different take on patterns, designs and colours for their necklaces and bracelets.

Developing New Skills

Developing fine motor skills, the jewellery making requires participants to choose and pick up small beads, thread them onto the string or cord and, once complete, finish the jewellery with a clasp or knot. Clients are supported throughout this process with some amazing pieces are made each week during these sessions.

Confidence in Your Abilities

Everyone is always so proud of their pieces and eager to show off what they have made. Some clients don’t even want to stop for lunch – which tells us that they thoroughly enjoy this activity.

Programs such as this, support our clients learn every day skills and enhance their abilities now and into the future.