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Afford is a leader in Group Homes across Australia. Afford has recently opened many homes across Queensland for residents to make the most of The Afford Lifestyle and live the life they have always wanted.

Afford Homes in Caboolture

In Caboolture, the residents have not only become friends but family. They enjoy spending time together and love sharing each of their individual interests. They know they are among friends and that they are supported to live life on their terms.

Lachy is one resident who is always keen to talk about the things that are important to him. His sister, Amelia, has a service dog, and Lachy asked his mum and Team Leaders if he could bring their dog, Chewy, to his home to introduce him to his housemates.

New Experiences

When the other residents, Stephanie, Jordan and Sean, found out that they were going to have a visit from a furry friend, they were very excited.

Chewy was brought to the Caboolture home by Lachy’s mum, Karen. Chewy was an instant favourite with his long hair and a cute wet nose.

Learn More About Life

Lachy spoke to his friends about the job that Chewy does for his sister. Chewy is tune with Amelia’s emotions and knows when she needs his help in calming down. Chewy helps Amelia calm down wherever she may be, which he has learnt to do through extensive training.

Lachy was pleased that he could share part of his family’s story with his friends. He was also happy to explain the role of a service dog and how they help people in the community living with disability.

The Afford Lifestyle

Afford homes are places where residents have support if and when they need it. Each resident is supported to explore their interests and connect with others with similar life experiences.

For some years, Lachy hadn’t found a place that he could call ‘home’. Today, Lachy has made strong friendships and he, and his family, trust that their Afford home is a place where Lachy’s choices are respected and valued.

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