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Afford’s Allied Health team provides support with experienced and qualified psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Read to Succeed groups have recently been established by Afford to support individuals achieve their numeracy and literacy goals.

Small Groups For Greater Support

The sessions run with small, intimate groups to ensure that everyone gets the chance to have one-on-one time with therapists.

Literacy And Numeracy Skills Development

Therapists engage participants with a range of texts and books covering a variety of topics that are of interest to each individual. Whether it’s a story about animals, dinosaurs, gardening, cooking or something magical, therapists work with each individual to develop communication skills through the identification of letters, numbers and putting words together.

Number recognition is also encouraged through a range of worksheet activities, games such as snap and others, as well as with one-on-one time with our therapists.

Library Visits

Visits to the library are also a great way for the groups to learn in a different setting and also provide the opportunity for participants to get out into the community and engage with others more socially.

Skills For Life

The Read to Succeed groups are fun and friendly and present opportunities to learn in an interactive and practical  way that will develop skills for life.

Safe, Supportive Environments

All groups encourage positive learning environments, where everyone feels safe to express their feelings and everyone is respected for ‘having a go’.

For more information about Afford’s Read to Succeed program, contact Linda Redpath at linda.redpath@afford.com.au.