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Music can help develop communication, social and emotional skills. The clients at Afford’s Guildford Day Program are benefiting from regular, fun engagement with music and instruments thanks to a 2019 Cumberland City Council grant funding for a recreational room makeover!

Guildford has a music program that inspires clients to explore their inner musician. Thanks to grant funding, the program has been enhanced by the addition of new guitars, a karaoke machine and TV in their recreation room.

During the music program their on-site music instructor, Andre, encourages clients to learn to strum the strings of the guitars to make different sounds.

The music program has become one of the favourite on-site activities for Fred, William, Hussain, Youssef and Thomas. They look forward to getting out the guitar to learn how to play a new tune.

As well as expanding clients’ experiences with musical instruments, the music program aims to help individuals explore different sounds. Soft, loud, high and low pitches are all tested during the program.

Team Leaders discuss the differences in the sounds and how we use our fingers to create variations.

Like a guitar, clients are encouraged to use their voices as instruments. They sing, hum, whistle and clap their hands or tap their feet to make music to suit the rhythm and beat.

Throughout the program, there is a strong focus on hand-eye coordination. Fred and William can now follow a tune by moving their fingers to different frets to make a specific sound when they strum.

Clients have fun with music when they turn on the karaoke machine. They sing along to the words of their favourite songs. They laugh with each other. The music helps everyone relax and removes any social barriers, so everyone has fun together.

Grant funding from the 2019 Cumberland City Council grant has encouraged clients to expand their communication and language skills. Everyone in the group is willing to have a go and support their friends while they have their turn.

After just a few weeks of engaging more with music, instruments and sounds, clients are more confident to challenge themselves. They are keen to push the boundaries of their musical abilities. Group work and camaraderie among the group has also grown.

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