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Residents living in Afford homes are supported to develop their skills and independence, with Lifestyle Assistants at hand 24/7 for if, or when, they are needed. Residents can get involved in activities that interest them. They are also encouraged to get involved in their local community.

For Panthers and Sunshine residents, Susan and Jodie, their latest recycling project is one that will make a positive impact on the environment. But, through the recycle for cash scheme, they will also make a positive impact on their wallets!

Follow Your Passions and Interests

Susan and Jodie have been part of the Afford community for a combined 49 years. They love living in their Afford homes in Penrith and are supported to get involved in things that they are passionate about. Recycling is one of those passions.

Both Susan and Jodie collect the empty bottles and cans that they use at their homes and their workplaces. They store them up neatly until they have a substantial amount to take to the recycling depot.

Afford Support When You Need It

Once they have a boot load of cans and bottles, the ladies, along with Afford staff member, Lila, hop into their Afford van and head to Kingswood.

Kingswood Return-And-Earn allows Susan and Jodie to swap their empty bottles and cans for money. The duo diligently places empty bottles and cans carefully into the Reverse Vending Machine to ensure that every item is counted. Then, after all the bottles are emptied into the machine, the ladies pick up the money that they have earned for their recycling efforts.

Develop Your Independence

Not only is this a great recycling initiative, but it is also a worthwhile exercise in learning the value of earning money.

Susan and Jodie are now keen recyclers and are collecting more and more empty bottles and cans every month. Soon, they will have a significant stash of cash that they can use on whatever they please.

With Afford support, Susan and Jodie have been able to take on a new project and learn the value of working towards a goal. An Afford van will always be at their home, ready to take them where they need to go, to satisfy their interests and initiatives.

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