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When you live in an Afford home, housemates quickly become friends and the house you share soon feels like ‘home’. Afford homes are places where you are instantly welcomed. Places where you can feel safe to share your thoughts and be independent.

The Afford Lifestyle

As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents are supported at home, in work and in life to live the life they want under the NDIS.

For the residents of our Empire Group Home, Wesley, Matthew, Stanley, Joseph, Steven, Jeremey, Robin and Marcus, their friendship has blossomed over the year that they have lived in their home. They share similar interests, go out together and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Celebrate Milestones As Friends

The housemates recently celebrated their one year anniversary in their new group home, with a delicious cake, dessert and decorations. They talked and reminisced about the many things they have achieved as individuals, and together, while living in their Empire home.

They have enjoyed sharing many meals as a family and especially enjoy firing up the BBQ for evening meals on warm summer days. They have a park nearby, so getting outdoors and walking and playing sports together is a regular activity they enjoy.

Make The House Your Home

Most importantly, the residents are proud of the way they have decorated the house to make it their home. With regular arts and crafts activities organised by Afford Lifestyle Assistants, residents have been able to create incredible artworks to add colour and their individual flair to their home.

They have made garden decorations to brighten up their courtyards and also take great pride in caring for their vegetable garden and nurturing seedlings through to harvesting.

Enjoying Social Activities Together

Recently, the residents travelled into Sydney by train to immerse themselves in the colours and lights of Vivid Sydney. Travelling by public transport was a wonderful experience in itself, but then to see and engage with all the various light displays while being part of the vibrant event, truly made for a memorable visit.

Along with making lifelong friendships and getting out and about to explore more of the world around them, living at the Empire home has also given residents the chance to develop their skills independence and build confidence in their own abilities.

Learn To Be Independent

While living at Empire, housemates have been supported to manage household activities. They have developed their independent living skills and help each other to complete chores around their home to keep them looking neat and tidy.

Living in an Afford home offers many opportunities. Find out more about Afford homes and vacancies near you.