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At Afford, skills development is something that we nurture for every individual. It’s about working with you to enhance your unique abilities to make every day life easier. Our skills development programs and activities are practical and stimulating, so you don’t even realise all the different skills you’re fine tuning because you’re having so much fun!

The Afford Lifestyle

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, our group home residents are supported to participate in activities that suit their interests. Some residents like to paint, others like to go for walks.

For our residents at the Empire group home, an art and craft activity turned into a creation of fun games and fine-motor development.

Participating in Activities that Interest You

Vicky, the Afford Lifestyle Assistant, knows that Wesley and Jeremy enjoy all the practical and hands-on activities of art and craft, so this week she coordinated a creative program with a difference.

With Vicky’s support, Wesley and Jeremy got to work to create a board and pieces for their very own personalised noughts and crosses board game!

The duo quickly started painting designs on stones to create the pieces for the game. The chose two different colours to differentiate the designs of the noughts from the crosses. Wesley and Jeremy were very creative in their designs, because rather than painting simple naughts and crosses on the stones, they creatively painting designs that looked like beetles. It’s these fun and imaginative creations that make every activity a new learning experience and a chance for self expression.

For the board, they used a wooden base and decorated it with small blue, square tiles to show the lines on the board for each piece.

Once the paint had dried and the board was ready for play, Wesley and Jeremy started playing their new – and improved! – version of noughts and crosses.

Support to Achieve Your Goals and Life Happiness

It is through the support of Afford Lifestyle Assistants that our residents can explore their interests and take part in activities that they enjoy and make them happy.

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