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We’re always so proud to be a part of our clients’ lives and to see the happiness they feel on achieving their life goals, so it’s even more special when our clients take the initiative themselves to get into action to help others.

From A Hobby Into A Fundraiser

What started out as a hobby for one of our Penrith Group Home residents, Susie, has now become an initiative to do good for others.

When the cash and earn facility opened up in her neighbourhood, Susie slowly started collecting bottles and cans over the year. Afford staff would take her to the facility once a month to cash in all that she had collected. Not long ago, Susie started to purchase a few little items for young children, such as soft toys, using the money that she had earned from collecting and recycling the cans and bottles.

In the lead up to Christmas, Susie has decided that she would like to use the funds that she has raised from her can collecting, to buy items for Christmas for Mama Lana’s Community Foundation in Penrith.

A Good Cause

Mama Lana provides food to approximately 35-85 patrons per night, 6 nights a week. Mama Lana’s Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides assistance to the homeless and underprivileged people in our community to advance their well-being and prospects for future independence.

Susie approached her Lifestyle Assistant one day and asked if she could help her to organise a fundraiser to donate food and personal care products to Mama Lana’s to help support the homeless and underprivileged people in the community.

Susie and her Lifestyle Assistant spent a morning designing a flyer for the cause. From there, the team got to work and began asking people within the Afford community to help contribute towards the donation.

Susie’s Lifestyle Assistant, Kylie, emailed the flyer to all Afford accommodation sites and team leaders to print out and ask for donations of one or two items to add to Susie’s collection.

Susie has put the word out with a flyer for donations of everything from deodorants, hand wash and band-aids, through sauces, cereals, pasta and more. She is collecting these items at her home during December and will then package them up for Mama Lana’s Community Foundation.

Susie’s Lifestyle Assistant is also working on organising for Susie to meet up with Mama Lana at a later stage to talk about the fundraiser and how it has contributed to Mama Lana’s important work.

“I was truly inspired by Susie’s great heart (which I already knew she has a big heart) and felt very proud to be supporting her and will continue to support people in need in the future.” – Kylie, Afford Lifestyle Assistant.