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At Afford, our cultures, traditions and experiences make us who we are. We love celebrating the diversity that makes our community so vibrant and great. Chinese New Year is a wonderful celebration of colour, music and culture! This year, our residents from our True Blue home in Penrith, joined in on the Sydney celebrations.

Residents travelled into Sydney with their Lifestyle Assistants and worked out the best spots to see the harbour side festivities.

Celebrations included a mixture of bright, colourful dragon performances gracing the streets, and dragon boats on the water.

Year of the Pig

As the Year of the Pig, our residents were treated to a glorious display of colour and a large inflated pink ‘Love Me’ pig with wings art installation was also a sight to see.

Our residents really enjoyed seeing the amazing dragon boat racing on Sydney Harbour and the Lion dancing all around.

The Afford Lifestyle

With the Afford Lifestyle, our Lifestyle Assistants support residents to get involved in new activities and take part in things that they haven’t experienced before. Appreciating new cultures and traditions is one of the ways we support our residents to explore the world around them and appreciate the diversity of Australia.

Not only was the visit to Sydney’s Chinese New Year celebrations a chance to learn, it was also a wonderful time to get out and about in the community. Our Lifestyle Assistants are always on hand to support our residents get involved in activities and experiences that make them happy – that’s the Afford Lifestyle.