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Art is such a powerful form of self-expression. It allows us to express our feelings, memories, and dreams through colour, patterns and designs. The ladies of Afford’s Glen Alpine home have amazing artistic abilities. They are working on artworks to display at an exhibition at the end of the month, and enjoying one of their favourite pass-times as friends, together.

Let Your Talents Shine

Residents, Bianca, Joanne, Amanda, and Moesha, love to paint. They often look forward to the regular art and craft sessions at their home and have made sensational creations!  The ladies have included their art pieces around their home for decoration, but also to showcase their talents.

Have Support to Do Things You Love

Lifestyle Assistants at the Glen Alpine home are there to support the ladies get involved in activities that they love. So when the ladies mentioned to Lifestyle Assistants, Anna and Faviola, that they wanted to create artworks to put on display at an exhibition at their home, Anna and Faviola jumped to work to make their dream a reality.

Along with Anna and Faviola, the ladies went to the shops to purchase all that they needed to create their masterpieces. They purchased the canvases and any extra paints, brushes, or art supplies they required.

Back at home, the ladies have added to their artworks each art session. First thinking about what they would like to paint, planning the design and colours and then placing brush to canvas to watch the artwork come to life!

Express Yourself

Some ladies have chosen to do paintings. Others have chosen to develop clay mouldings. Each resident is taking time and care to make sure their piece reflects their personality and expresses emotion.

Let Your Abilities Soar

We are often inspired by the many residents and clients that make up our Afford community. This is another example of how our talented residents inspire us all to let our abilities soar!

We can’t wait to see the final artworks at the exhibition at the end of this month. Full of colour and wonderful artistry, the ladies of Glen Alpine home are sure to create art pieces that highlight their individuality for the world to see.

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