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Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program encourages trainees to explore more of the world around them, consider their strengths and interests and to be confident in their abilities to achieve success.


Find Work That You’re Passionate About

Anna is a trainee who attends our Marrickville SLES Program. For a long time, Anna has had a passion to work in a library.

It is great to see that Anna has realised where her interests lie and a specific work role that blends with her love of books.

Along with her trainer, Jermyn, Anna visited the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW in Sydney.


Get Insight into Different Work Opportunities

They travelled to the State Library of NSW where Anna joined a tour of the Mitchell Library. She listened intently as the tour guide talked about historical works and facts, visiting the Shakespeare Room which is not generally open to the public, some interesting information about the library and its unique collection of Australia’s cultural heritage, history, culture and literature.

It was a truly amazing experience for Anna. She was able to take a closer look at a couple of the First Fleet Journals; 10 of the 15 known journals are held by this library. She was also able to look through a 128 page atlas ‘Earth Platinum’; the largest book of its kind ever published!

Anna was fascinated by the wealth of knowledge, books and the architecture of the library and observed the movements and tasks of different people working within the library – in particular their customer service.


Reinvigorate Your Passion for Work

Anna’s library experience reinvigorated her desire to continue working towards her goal of gaining employment in her local library.


We Support You to Achieve Your Work Goals

Our SLES trainers facilitate opportunities such as these, to ensure that our trainees and job seekers have every opportunity to explore their potential to land their dream job. Our trainers and Afford Employment consultants use their extensive networks of employers and business to provide ample opportunities for job seekers to gains the skills and knowledge to be confident in work life.

Find out how you can unlock your employment potential with Afford Employment and our SLES Program.