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Afford, in partnership with Bushbred Horse Assisted Learning Programs, offers a leading animal therapy program at Cherrywood. People with disabilities from across Sydney visit Cherrywood each week to get up close with animals and develop skills to help them through life.

Animal Therapy

Clients love visiting the Cherrywood Friendship Farm and meeting the animals. Now, they have another reason to get excited about going out to Cherrywood every week.

Partnerships Drive Success

Thanks to amazing volunteers and work experience participants from the Cherrywood Mates Shed, Cherrywood Friendship Farm now boasts its very own horse-drawn Yellow Wagon.

Catering for All Abilities

The wagon rolled out to the farm in October and Afford clients of all abilities have been able to get in for a ride.

Tommy, the Clydesdale horse, pulls the wagon around the field. Clients in wheelchairs also have the opportunity to take a ride around the grounds.

Wheelchair clients from Afford’s Chipping Norton Day Program loved their ride in the new wagon. They could take in the smells of the grass, the sound of the clopping horse hooves and the swish of the grass as they plodded along.

Sensory Engagement and Learning Life Skills

Now, in addition to learning about managing behaviours around animals such as ducks, geese, sheep, guinea pigs, horses and goats, as part of the animal therapy program at Cherrywood, clients can enjoy a wagon ride as well.

Along with animal therapy, Cherrywood is a thriving hub of sensory engagement and activity. Whether you want to stroll around the various sensory gardens that include beach themes, whimsical themes and more, or get involved in the activities on-site through the Day Program, there’s always something to suit every interest and ability.

Find out more about Cherrywood Hub and Afford’s Animal Therapy Program. To learn more about the Yellow Wagon Rides and group sessions, activities and holiday programs available, please contact Dave from Bushbred on 0418 761 340.