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Start the new year with energy and enthusiasm to find the job that’s right for you! With support from trainers through Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program, trainees have so many opportunities to learn about different industries and gain practical experience.

Follow Your Passion and Your Work Dreams

Sarah graduated Afford’s SLES program in September this year and with support from Afford’s DES (Disability Employment Services), she landed her perfect role with Sydney’s Sculpture By The Sea in Bondi!

While in the SLES Program, Sarah was supported by knowledgeable trainers to develop her skills and focus on her strengths when applying for jobs.

Sarah loves everything there is about art. She is creative and appreciates all types of artworks, sculptures and imaginative pieces.

Afford Supports You to Prepare For and Find Work

That’s why, when Sarah’s DES consultant found a role with the iconic event, Sculpture By The Sea, Sarah jumped at the chance to apply!

Inspire Others

Sarah began with Sculpture By The Sea in early September to help with the preparations and all the behind-the-scenes jobs for the exhibition.

Once the exhibition had begun, Sarah was excited to welcome some of Afford’s current trainees to visit her at work. Trainees headed out to Bondi to see first-hand how SLES helps trainees find a role to suit their interests and abilities. In addition, they were able to admire all the beautiful sculptures of the event and enjoy the outdoors!

When they met up with Sarah at Sculpture By The Sea, Prestons and Mt Druitt SLES trainees, and their trainer’s Faith and Tayla, realised that they were lucky enough to be Sarah’s very first tour group!

Sarah guided the group through a tactile tour to explore the amazing artworks and contemporary sculptures on display.

Trainees experienced some close encounters with amazing artworks as Sarah provided insight into the visual and sensory experiences. She also led a discussion about how the artworks were made, their meaning, and how they made us feel.

Trainees absolutely loved enjoying the beautiful summer day by the beach, catching up with an old friend and enjoying some iconic Australian art and culture!

Let Your Abilities Soar!

Sarah shared her experience of transitioning from SLES to open employment with the trainees. She gave the current trainees encouragement to continue striving towards their own employment goals too.

Sarah has a personal passion for art. She is loving her job and has confidently approached her role and is succeeding in every way!

With 2020 finally here, find out how Afford’s SLES program can help you develop your skills to score your dream job.