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Everyone deserves a holiday that caters to their needs and abilities. Afford Getaways offer travellers with a disability, and NDIS funding, opportunities to holiday across Australia and the world! Participants even get to choose support staff to assist them during their journey.

Achieve Your Travel Goals

Catherine attends Afford’s Oran Park Day Program and lives in an Afford Group Home in Sydney’s South West. She has always wanted to travel to California in the USA to visit Disneyland. With Afford Getaways facilitating her journey, Catherine has visited Disneyland not once, but twice and is already looking forward to her next adventure!

Not only can you choose your support staff for the trip, but you can also invite your family to you join the holiday as well! You can have a holiday with support from a qualified Afford staff member, but you can also have your family there to enjoy the experience together.

Designed to Suit Your Abilities

Afford Getaways are holidays designed to suit people of all abilities. The holidays are created based on participant interest and ability.

Travel To Your Dream Destination!

In 2019 Afford Getaways have allowed people to explore Australian history in places such as Port Arthur in Tasmania. Holiday-makers have learned more about Ned Kelly’s life in Glenrowan in Victoria. They have visited regional centres such as Dubbo in New South Wales and enjoyed the sun and surf in places such as Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Afford Getaways also facilitates overseas vacations, with participants travelling with support to New Zealand, Disneyland and Vanuatu.

With Afford Getaways, all support staff are accredited in assisting people with disabilities and hold current first aid qualifications. Holidays are tailored to suit your individual needs and abilities and even include all meals and travel arrangements.

Afford Getaways can help you realise your travel dreams to live life your way.

Find out more about upcoming Afford Getaways holidays and watch all the fun Catherine and her friends had on their recent trip to Disneyland.