Trainees from Afford’s School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) program in Ingleburn had a successful industry visit to Coles, which ended in them securing a 6-week work placement.

SLES trainers ensure that young school leavers participate in these work experience opportunities to build up their confidence in the workplace by collaborating with employers and organising industry visits.

“Work experience is important for our SLES trainees because it helps them learn practical workplace skills. These include wearing a uniform, taking allocated breaks and just building up their work ethic in general,” said SLES Coordinator, Tayla Clark.

SLES trainer Livenya organised the Coles visit, where she successfully spoke to the manager about the trainee’s commencing workplacement.

The trainees are buzzing with excitement to begin their group-based work experience, where they will be working across the shelving and packing departments.

The group often visit Coles at Ingleburn Village for their cooking program. However, this visit was special as it included the much-anticipated industry tour. They were given an exciting inside look into the business and workplace expectations. Trainees met staff members, asked questions, learnt about the various roles and saw where they will be working.

When Tayla asked some of the Ingleburn trainees what they enjoyed about the industry visit, SLES trainee Sally said, “the staff were friendly and it was a fun day.”

Following the industry visit, the trainees purchased what they needed for their cooking program then returned to their site with enthusiasm to prepare their meals.

Afford’s SLES program encourages clients to undertake various experiences and workshops to build their employability portfolio and prepare them for the workforce.

Discover how Afford’s SLES program can help you achieve your career goals and get started in the industry of your dreams.

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