Feeling confident and comfortable on public transport is essential for job seekers of all abilities. Our SLES trainees from South Australia had a great day out while expanding their employability skills by undertaking travel training in the city. You never know when you might need to catch a train, bus, or tram to attend a job interview or start a new position.

Afford’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experience you need to enter the workforce or further training with confidence.

“I took James, Matthew, Kael and Daniella, out into the community for travel training. We drove from our SLES site to the train station, then took the Noarlunga train to Adelaide City. We used trams within the city,” said Acting SLES Vocational Trainer, Hayley Ovens.

During the day, our trainees learned how to look up timetables for trains, trams, and buses. They practised how to top up a MetroCard, check its balance and find the right platform for their train or tram.

“I wanted to provide trainees with the skills and knowledge to catch public transport confidently and safely. Some had never caught the train or tram before or never topped up their metro card,” continued Hayley.

Between loud sounds, bright signs and confusing timetables, navigating public transport can be overwhelming for the senses. Facing these sensory experiences for the first time while surrounded by a group they trust helped our SLES trainees tackle the new experience head-on.

“Everyone used their social etiquette skills to behave appropriately on public transport and explore the lovely city of Adelaide. It was a very productive and educational day. All trainees said they now feel more confident in their abilities to use public transport independently,” said Hayley.

With their newfound confidence and navigation strategies, we look forward to seeing our SLES trainees familiarise themselves with the community.

Learn more about Afford’s SLES program and how we can support you in developing important everyday skills.

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