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An Afford Occupational Therapist recently visited the team at Bexley to develop new, fun and engaging activities for clients to enjoy every day. She spoke with lifestyle assistant, Sena and the rest of the Bexley team about various activities that encourage sensory engagement.

Following the occupational therapist’s advice, Sena and the team worked together to develop a hands-on activity for clients to explore imaginative and sensory play.

Sena collected all the household items needed to create a homemade lava lamp!

Clients, Nick and Jonathon, joined in the fun and were supported by Sena to pour the liquids for the lava lamp into a glass.

First, the oil, then the water, Nick and Jonathon measured the ingredients and carefully poured them into the glass.

“Jonathan was impressed that simple household ingredients can create an exciting science experiment,” said Sena, Bexley Lifestyle Assistant.

Next came the food colouring to add a splash of colour to the experiment. Then together, Nick and Jonathan dropped the tablets into the glass to create a hypnotic, bubbling lava lamp!

How To: Make a Lava Lamp

  • Get a tall glass and fill half of it with vegetable oil.
  • Then pour water into the glass until it almost reaches the top.
  • Add a few drops of food colouring.
  • Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into small pieces and drop them into the glass.
  • Watch the lava lamp erupt!

Watch: Make a lava lamp with household ingredients.

“As Jonathan and Nick added the last ingredient, they watched with anticipation to see what would happen. It was mesmerising once it began to bubble and swirl on its own,” added Sena.

“Nick and Jonathan were taken with the lava lamp. They wanted to watch it until it stopped moving. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.”

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