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Since Sean was a child, he has always loved Rugby League. As a proud Queenslander, he barracks for the Brisbane Broncos. So it’s no surprise that his bedroom in his Afford Group Home in Caboolture is full of everything related to the Broncos.

Share Your Interests

Sean enjoys going to the park to kick and pass the footy around with the friends that he has made in his home. He encourages his housemates to cheer for the Broncos when they watch the games together on TV.

Now that Sean is living independently in his new home, his confidence has flourished. He has managed to get a couple of his friends from the house involved in ‘Disability Indoor Cricket’, which is another sporting activity that he loves. Afford support Sean to get ready to go to cricket every Tuesday. Lifestyle Assistants ensure he has everything he needs and assists him to and from the indoor sports centre each week.

As a keen lover of sports, Sean also enjoys going with his friends to watch the local soccer being played.

Seans sports passion is very much with NRL and the Broncos. It has always been his dream to meet the Broncos players in person. This was made possible recently at a ‘Members meet the Broncos’ fundraiser organised for victims of the bushfires. With Sean being a member of the Broncos NRL Club, his mum secured tickets to this event.

Sean was so excited! At the event, Sean met many players, including Jamayne Isaako and Herbie Farnworth. Darius Boyd even signed one of his jerseys. Sean also managed to get his picture taken with Alfie Langer, have a group photo with two players from the Women’s Broncos Team and one of Seans favourite players from days gone by, Sam Thaiday.

Achieve Your Goals

Meeting the Broncos was a dream come true for Sean. Afford is now supporting Sean to achieve another dream – meeting his favourite jockeys. Sean is also passionate about horse racing!

At Afford, staff go the extra mile to ensure that every individual has the chance to achieve their goals for work, home, and life under the NDIS.

As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents living in an Afford Group Home have the opportunity to explore their interests with support, if and when they need it.

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