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Having confidence in your abilities brings new opportunities, experiences, and friends. For MJ who attends Afford’s Belmore Day Program, reading is something that he enjoys. It is one of his interests that he is excited to share with his friends at Belmore.

One morning, MJ spoke to his Team Leader at Belmore, Marc, about reading to his friends, Di J, Zainab, Phoung, Carla, Carmella, Anna, and Mimi while they waited for lunch.

For anyone else, this would be a daunting experience, but for MJ, he saw this as an opportunity to do something that he loves and develop his reading skills at the same time.

Push Yourself to Try Your Best

Even though MJ needs some support with reading, he is always confident to put himself in situations where he needs to extend his abilities.

Team Leader, Marc, was more than happy to support MJ to read to the group. Everyone gathered together in the Belmore Cafeteria and waited for MJ to begin.

Share Your Interests with Friends

So while lunch was busily being prepared in the background, MJ pulled out an alphabet book to read. The book had loads of colour and pictures, so MJ could point and explain what he was reading to the rest of the group.

Although MJ needs some help with his reading, Afford staff always support and encourage him to try his best. With every book, MJ develops new techniques to learn words, letters, and sounds. The more he reads, the more he will continue to improve.

MJ enjoys reading his Bible and also his NDIS goals. His goals lists all the things he loves to do and some of the things he wants to achieve in the future.

At Afford Day Programs across Australia, every individual is supported to get involved in activities that interest them. With encouragement and self-confidence, every individual can develop skills to achieve their goals under the NDIS and live the life they have always wanted.

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