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Sensory engagement plays such an important part of the everyday routines and activities of our clients. Stimulating our senses of touch, smell and sound all play a role in helping us develop as individuals and learn more about our world.

New Sensory Room at Bexley

We’re super excited to announce that the sensory room at Bexley Day Program is now complete!

The sensory room is a haven of colours, soft lights and immersive activities that will support many clients at Bexley Day Program explore their feelings, behaviour and moods.

A new ball pit has been installed and equipment that is suited to individuals of all care needs and abilities is now available.

The room also features soft hanging string lights, projected images of the sea to help clients feel relaxed and calm, a swing chair, light displays, comfortable seating and much more!

“The sensory room is amazing. The guys will love using it. There is such a wide variety of activities and none that I’ve ever seen before.” – Mother of Afford client, Ayat

Person-Centred Programs

Our staff across our Day Programs in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria work closely with individuals and families they support to ensure that their needs are being met.

At Bexley, clients yearned for greater sensory engagement with new activities that would support them to grow and learn using different equipment and stimuli – so Afford made it happen!

Thanks to the development of person-centred programs by Afford staff, clients at Bexley now have more opportunity to learn about the world around them and explore more about themselves through sensory engagement.

Sensory Engagement Opportunities at Afford

Contact us to find out how sensory engagement is incorporated into Afford Day Programs and through other Allied Health programs.