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At Afford, we want every individual to have the chance to do things that interests them. No matter what their ability, or their age.

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We have added more services across Australia to make sure we have a range of program available for people of different needs and ages.

Our Frankston team have recently welcomed three new young Affordians into our community. Jasper, Skylar and Destiny are wonderful youngsters who enjoy being active, experiencing new things and having fun. And that’s what Afford supports are all about!

New Life Experiences

Supported by their Lifestyle Assistants, Helen and Laurels, the trio have had some awesome experiences. They recently went to Berwick’s Clip ‘n’ Climb and tested their strength and climbing skills around the course.

Each one climbed easily up, around and over the various ropes, bridges and obstacles. From the smiles on their faces, you could tell they loved every minute of this new experience.

With Afford, Jasper has also participated in art and craft activities. During art sessions, Jasper uses his imagination and creativity to produce amazing artwork to share with his family.

Strong Friendships Formed

Destiny and Skylar have formed a strong friendship, having visited the park, shops and the pools together with Afford support. The pair love to laugh and have loads of energy to get out on the equipment at the park.

Destiny and Skylar share similar interests, so we’re so pleased to have been able to get these two together to grow their friendship. They have visited the shops and loved stopping at the pet shop to see a variety of different animals. They have also enjoyed splashing and swimming in the local pools and cooling off on some of Melbourne’s hotter days.

Programs to Suit Every Individual

At Afford, we develop programs and activities to suit clients of all interests, all abilities and all ages. Our staff genuinely care for each and every client. We go above and beyond to support each individual achieve their personal goals.

For our young Affordians, Afford will support them and their families to get the most out of the NDIS, so they can grow and develop into independent and confident adults.

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