Speech Therapy

Speech therapists support people with communicating or swallowing.

Speech Pathologists

Our Speech Pathologists are all members of Speech Pathology Australia and maintain a working knowledge of the latest research and treatment techniques. We are available for home visits, TeleCare intervention, and group sessions and tailor all services to suit our customers.

We work with families and staff to assist customers with:

  • Mealtimes and swallowing
  • Managing coughing, choking or difficulty chewing
  • Food aversion assessment and intervention
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Using assistive technology
  • Key Word Sign Language
  • Visual aids and communication tools
  • Verbal communication using words to share information
  • Improving the clarity of speech
  • Social skills
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Speech Therapy

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We are available for group sessions or home visits, we tailor our services to suit our customers.

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