Transition to Retirement

Moving on to life after retirement can be a big step. Afford’s here to bridge the gap.

For some people there are mixed emotions when it’s time to leave the workforce and the friends they’ve had fun with there every day. Afford is proud to have pioneered an industry first Transition to Retirement program that helps people who have been in supported workforces, to discover new social connections and interests outside of work.

Afford loves helping you to find local community groups and volunteer opportunities, where you can meet people who share your interests and passions, and build a new support network outside of the working world.

Give Afford a call today to start your post-work journey.

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Meet Robin

Robin has lived in Shared Living with since 2010. He has connected with carers and other residents and developed new skills and abilities, giving him greater confidence to complete more tasks on his own. He now actively seeks out activities that suit his interests and works three days a week.

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