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Whether it’s the Hunter Valley, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world in between, Afford Getaways can support you there.

Afford is proud to offer for friends to travel together, family members or other carers to join their family member and have a great time knowing their loved one has the necessary staff support for an amazing experience.
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Mark's Trip To Disneyland

When we think of someone with a passion for life, someone who is always up for the next adventure, we think of Mark.

Mark has been a part of the Afford community since he joined our Ingleburn ADE, where he performs tasks like quality control and packing. He loves his job and works hard to save up money to go on some of our amazing Afford Getaways.

Since joining the Afford community, Mark has taken an avid interest in trying new activities and joined in many of our Getaways. He travelled to Disneyland in August 2017 and a Tasmania Cruise in November 2017. He loved Disneyland so much that he will be going back in August 2018.

His positive and energetic personality means that with the support of Afford’s Lifestyle Assistants, Mark has the confidence to try new things and take on new experiences in his travels.

The holidays were an eye-opener for Mark and it’s expanded his understanding of the world around him. The first time he travelled to Disneyland was an unforgettable experience for him, and was also his first time travelling overseas. The excitement of his first overseas flight, looking around and realising he was in America was such a thrilling experience, it’s still palpable to him.

“I loved travelling to Disneyland. It was a ten-year dream that I had and I had such a great time going on the rides, seeing the movie characters and having fun with my friends.”

The holidays were also a learning experience for Mark. He learnt so much about travel, how to pack his suitcase, remembering to take all essentials with him. He learnt about currencies and time zones. After seeing the homelessness in the U.S he says that he feels very fortunate to have food, to have a home and to have a job where he can earn money.

It’s astounding to see how much his confidence has grown. Mark has become so much more independent since he began travelling with Afford Getaways.

Mark gave a wonderful piece of advice for any other first time overseas travellers.

“Just do it, take a step and believe in yourself and follow your dreams and enjoy it.”

Linda - The Go-Getter

‘Living life for the now’ is Linda’s newfound motto and one that has seen her enjoy many new life experiences as a member of the Afford Getaways supported holiday program.

Linda is a youthful and vibrant 57 years old, but after losing those most dear to her, she moved into a hostel where she lives with people significantly older. This limits her opportunities to take part in active experiences or make new friends.

Over three years ago she joined the Afford community to work at our Marrickville ADE where she performs tasks such as packing and assisting on the production line.

Her natural go-getting attitude means that with the support of Afford Lifestyle Assistants, Linda has the confidence to try new things and take charge of her own plans for the future. So when she was introduced to Afford Getaways as a way to holiday with like-minded people while still having her support needs met, she knew that she would have the chance to extend her social networks with people her own age and to see different places that she wouldn’t otherwise have been able to visit.

Linda is one of the first to sign up for a new holiday or outing as listed in the Afford Getaways brochures and encourages others at her workplace to do the same.

To date, Linda has enjoyed a Moreton Island P&O Cruise and was able to experience her first holiday outside of New South Wales on a trip to Tasmania. With an Afford Lifestyle Assistant of her choosing accompanying her, Linda has the peace of mind that she will have the support she needs during her interstate travels. Her confidence has grown so drastically, that Linda is even beginning to set her eyes on some of Afford Getaways’ international holiday destinations.

“Give it a go, because you’ll never know what it’s like unless you go.” – Linda

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