There is a job out there for you and sometimes you just need extra help to find it.¬†Finding a job that makes the most of your abilities and interests isn’t always easy.

That’s why we’re here to explore different ways that we can achieve your work goals.

Afford Employment can support you by exploring work experience opportunities, job training and skills development programs that prepare you for work life. We can help with resume writing and preparing for interviews and also offer post-placement support ensure the role is meeting your expectations.

Afford Employment consultants in  Blacktown, Liverpool, Bankstown and Fairfield can be your partner through the whole process.

Need support or advice?

Meet Renee Afford Employment - Blacktown

Renee joined Afford Employment in 2014 after experiencing considerable instability early in life. Working with Afford Employment, doors soon opened for Renee. After working in retail, she enrolled in a Diploma of Banking Services, Management, Business and Finance at TAFE. Not only did Renee complete her Diploma, she topped her course for the year and received the highest achievement award as well as the Student Achievement Award for the Faculty of Business and Finance. She was also nominated and awarded the 2015 Institute Medal. Renee is well on the path to reaching her work goals and has the confidence to strive for greatness in her career

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