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Cagla is an out-going, friendly and creative young woman. She has created stunning artworks during art and craft sessions. She has also designed her own hat, which she proudly wears to Guildford Day Program each day.

When grant funding became available for a sewing program at Guildford Day Program, thanks to Cumberland Council Small Grants, Cagla was very keen to get involved.

Grant Funding Enhances Afford Supports

The Cumberland Council Small Grants funding has given the many clients who attend Guildford Day Program the chance to develop their skills for everyday life. The funding has supported the creation of a Sewing Program! The new sewing program is engaging, interactive and skills-based for the benefit of clients who attend the site.

A sewing machine was purchased, along with all the accessories and equipment needed to get started.

Do The Things You Love

With creativity flowing through her veins, Cagla was very excited to start learning how to sew! With over 30 years of sewing experience, Acting Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Yvonne, facilitates the program and guides Cagla through the basics of sewing for her first session.

Cagla learns how to thread bobbins and then how to lift, lower and thread the needles. She also has a go at sewing forwards and in reverse.

During the first program, Cagla couldn’t contain her excitement! She was very chatty about all the things she wants to make. Cagla adores her family and she is looking forward to sewing things for her mum, nieces and nephews.

When she has more experience in sewing, she hopes to make clothing, throw pillow covers and other little items for her family. She would love to make a little baby bib too.

Develop Your Life Skills

By the end of her first sewing program, Cagla had made a lovely pouch. “I can use this for my new sunglasses,” she said.

Cagla loved her first sewing experience so much, that she asked if she could do it again the next day! Cagla has tonnes of creativity and loves bright, colourful patterns and florals. She is sure to make many striking creations, thanks to the new sewing program.

Thanks to Cumberland Council Small Grants, Guildford Day Program clients will have the chance to develop their life skills every Wednesday during the sewing program.

Independent Living Skills

With an understanding of sewing basics, every individual can build confidence in their abilities and become more independent.

Yvonne will continue to support Cagla in her sewing. She is also encouraging other male and female clients to get involved in the weekly program.

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