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Six months ago, Andrew, Malik, Jamal, Allan, and Luis didn’t know each other. But since joining Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program, the group are not just peers in the program, and they socialise as friends too!

Explore Your Interests

SLES is a two-year program that supports school leavers explore their interests and get ready for life in the workforce.

For some trainees joining the SLES program, there were some initial nerves about what to expect. Some of the trainees were quite shy about meeting new people.

As the days, weeks and months progressed, those who were shy have become more confident. Any initial nerves have now gone, and everyone has bonded well together.

The group has attended industry visits to Liverpool Library and Chatty Café at Macarthur Square where they learn about different work opportunities available.

Trainees have participated in travel training to boost their independence and confidence. The group has used a range of transport, including buses and trains. They have learned how to use their Opal cards and how to top them up when needed.

Develop Life Skills

They have also taken part in cooking programs to develop their life skills. During the cooking program, trainees need to use their communication skills to work with their peers to create a meal together.

Throughout all these valuable learning experiences, the trainees’ friendship has grown. So much so, that they now socialise outside of the SLES program.

Share Your Interests

Some of the trainees realised that they shared a common interest in playing video games. So, whether they go over to each other’s houses or play online together, they all love playing video games with their SLES peers, and new friends.

Today, the group of trainees is always laughing and joking together. They are happy to share experiences from their lives and know when someone in the group needs a little extra support.

The group has a strong bond. Because of this bond, every individual in the group feels comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings with each other.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program and how you can expand your friendship circles and develop your work readiness skills.