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You may remember a story from earlier this year about Queensland Affordian, Sharlene, wanting a beach wheelchair to enjoy time in the water with her family.

We are ecstatic to report that, just in time for the hot Queensland summer, Sharlene has now received her custom scripted beach wheelchair!

Sharlene was quick to give it a test drive by getting in the water with support from Afford staff member, Nicole. Her first remarks were: “I love it”, and she also commented that it was a lot more comfortable than the chair she trialled earlier this year. This chair has been custom scripted just for Sharlene. It has been developed to suit her specific needs and her lifestyle.

Armed with the right supports, Sharlene is now ready to achieve her goal. With a personal love for the water and outdoors, Sharlene is looking forward to spending Christmas swimming at the beach with her husband and family.

Live the Life You Want

The development of this specific wheelchair has taken into account Sharlene’s lifestyle by Afford’s staff member, Nicole. Nicole took the time to get to know Sharlene and her goals for life. Sharlene has always been active and was previously a track wheelchair athlete. Sharlene and Nicole are now working together on refining Sharlene’s beach wheelchair skills. Sharlene is now attending hydrotherapy sessions with Nicole.

Sharlene had said that, for a long time, she was forced to be a spectator when her family visited the beach. She said she missed out on swimming with her children when they were younger, simply because she didn’t have a wheelchair that suited the beach terrain. After much consultation, the process to have the beach wheelchair developed began.

Now, with her new beach wheelchair, Sharlene is really looking forward to the opportunity of playing in the water with her soon to arrive grandchild.

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