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For the past six months, Sienna has been supported by Afford’s Southport Lifestyle Assistant, Hayley, to have greater confidence in travelling on public transport. The pair have travelled to many places. From Brisbane all the way down to Broadbeach South.

Travel Training For Independence

Travel training aims to support Sienna access to the community so that she is familiar with the places and times of the public transport she uses. The end goals are for Sienna to have the confidence to travel on her own when and how she wants.

Over the months that Sienna and Hayley have been travel training together, Sienna has become very familiar with the bus times from her home and for several destinations that the pair visit regularly.

Learn New Skills

One day, Sienna and Hayley were at Southport TAFE when Hayley wondered aloud what time the bus would arrive at its stop across the road. Sienna replied “11:53 of every hour”. She was right! Although they hadn’t been to this stop for over a month, Sienna had locked that timetable into her memory.

Now knowing this information, Sienna and Hayley stayed a little longer in the cafe where they were enjoying a coffee and then made their way over to the bus stop to match the arrival time of the bus. Right on cue, the bus arrived at the time Sienna had memorised.

Achieve Your Goals

Recently, Hayley arrived at Sienna’s home to start their regular day together. On getting to her house, Sienna was excited to tell Hayley that she had travelled on public transport on her own!

After her floristry work experience, Sienna’s father unexpectedly couldn’t pick her up. “So, I caught the bus home by myself”, Sienna recounted to Hayley. Hooray!

Sienna remembers that she walked to the nearest shopping centre, which was around 300 metres away. She checked the bus times and then went and had some lunch in the centre while she waited. Sienna then caught the bus, got off at the correct bus stop, and then walked home. All on her own!

After her mother had been messaging her during the entire trip to make sure she was ok, Sienna walked through the door of her home and proclaimed, “See, told you I could do it!”

Sienna’s mother said that a year ago, there would be no way she could have made this trip on her own.

Get The Supports to Suit Your Individual Needs

With the right support and encouragement, Sienna was able to learn new skills to have confidence in her own abilities.

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