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Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees participate in a range of programs and activities over the two year program to be prepared and confident to enter the workforce.

Skills Development

Many participate in additional training and skills development, as well as developing their face to face interview techniques.

As with all Afford supports, our SLES trainers take into account the entire journey to work preparedness. So, along with all these vital skills development opportunities, trainees are also given the opportunity to learn about dressing to impress potential employers.

Gain Practical Experience

Recently, our SLES trainees were taken to Target in Penrith to extend their knowledge about everyday work life, with practical experience.

They were given a mock budget of $100 and trainers allocated them a hypothetical industry to work.  Their challenge – to find an outfit that would be appropriate to wear in their allocated industry.

Not only did this touch on developing skills in personal grooming and understanding appropriate dress codes, it also developed skills in money management.

Challenge Yourself

All Penrith and Minchinbury SLES trainees were up for the challenge! They worked together to find the perfect outfit to suit the profession. Trainees applied all that they have learned; calculating costs and swapping items to stay within their budget.

Trainees then headed to the change rooms where they showed off the outfit that they had chosen. All the trainees looked very smart and professional.

Whole-of-Life Supports

At Afford, we offer a whole-of-life approach to disability services. Afford supports are all about understanding the unique needs of every aspect of every individual’s journey to ensure they have the tools to live the life they want under the NDIS.

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