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Afford’s Minchinbury Head Office was in need of some colour and personality, so our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program trainees were set the challenge of creating artwork to put on display.

As the Minchinbury and Penrith SLES trainees participated in the DIY art project, they not only created artwork to decorate head office, they also developed their skills in creativity and explored self-expression through art.

SLES Trainees used the internet, still life images, and their own personal passions as inspiration for their artworks. Trainees experimented with water colours, acrylic paints, abstract artworks, cartoon prints and even some glitter as they dedicated much of their time and effort to this very important task.

The group then worked together to frame the artworks in black frames to really make them pop and stand out against the plain, blank head office wall. The effect was just amazing!

The artworks now stand proudly on the wall of Afford Head Office, circled around the inspirational quote: “If you believe in yourself, anything is possible!”.

It is a very fitting quote for our SLES trainees, who are continuously taking on and meeting new challenges.

Our trainees were brimming with pride to have their artworks displayed in such a prominent place and are so excited to have contributed to the Afford community and wider organisation.

Our SLES Program offers many school leavers with opportunities to explore their potential and learn new skills for work and life, while making friends along the way.