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Lily, Alivia, Jordan, Billy and Joel are our very first trainees at Afford’s new SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program site in Southport, QLD!

Develop Your Work Skills

SLES Southport opened this week to support job-seekers develop their skills and prepare for the workforce. Lily, Alivia, Jordan, Billy and Joel are enthusiastic and ready to work towards their employment goals.

Through Afford’s SLES program, trainers will support trainees to develop their employment and independent skills. This may be through additional training or TAFE courses. Trainers will also create real-life, practical opportunities for trainees to learn about the workforce.

Get Practical Experience

Trainees will also take part in industry visits supported by their Afford SLES trainers. This involves going to businesses in a range of different industries and speaking with managers and business owners about what they are looking for in an employee.

Trainees will get the chance to see first-hand all the different roles that are available in various small, medium and large businesses to find a job that suits their interests.

Focus on Your Goals for Work and Life

Trainers support trainees learn more about their goals for work and life. Through their business connections, trainers look for work opportunities that will engage and stimulate the interests of trainees. Whether it is working in hospitality, retail or more hands-on work, trainees are given every opportunity to explore the things that matter to them to achieve their work goals.

Achieve Your Work Goals

SLES provides support for resume writing, interview techniques and on-the-job support, travel training, independent and work skills. Trainees are encouraged to focus on their strengths to find suitable sustainable employment.

We are excited to welcome our group of young job-seekers to our SLES Southport site and share their many achievements and milestones along their journey to long-term employment.

Afford’s SLES program is all about challenging yourself and developing your skills for work life.

Find out how SLES can support you find your dream job.