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Lights, camera, ACTION! Australia’s entertainment industry is vast and varied. Job opportunities can include everything from the production crew, through to performers. This week, Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees had a behind-the-scenes look at all the job opportunities on offer!

Trainees usually visit workplaces across different industries to see employees in action at their jobs. With COVID-19 restrictions still limiting access for industry visits, SLES trainers transformed the Mt Druitt and Penrith SLES sites into practical learning environments about the entertainment industry.

“Trainees learn through doing. Every SLES experience is an opportunity to learn practical skills for different workplaces,” said Tayla Clark, Afford SLES Vocational Trainer/SLES Coordinator.

Trainees, Ervin, Jenna, Jacob, Angus, Ryan, Brody, Jarrod, Jean and others, were pumped and ready to start their entertainment industry workshop!

They were set the challenge to create a music video and use all their skills, knowledge, and creativity to produce a final product to delight their audience!

With great determination and a mature approach to their task, trainees got to work, excited about putting their ideas into practice.

Teamwork was the foundation of their success. They discussed their ideas and assigned tasks.

They looked at all aspects of the entertainment process. From costume design and music selection, through to organising sets and backdrops and writing a script. To complete their challenge, they worked together to direct, perform and film.They had so much fun and learned about the many jobs that go towards creating a big picture production.

Working as a team, they selected the song ‘Geronimo’’ by Sheppard as the video’s background music.

Their story for the music video involved the rescue of a princess from a tower. Then it merged into a dance battle between Spiderman and Batman.

Trainees incorporated a lot of ideas, creativity and dance moves to make a fabulous music video!

After every workshop, trainers encourage trainees to reflect on their experience. Trainees discussed the skills they needed for the entertainment industry. They reflected on training and work ethic that is required.

The workshop also gave them a taste of the different job opportunity available, such as working at the movies, theatres and even selling merchandise as other pathways to explore their interests in the world of entertainment!

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