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Being confident to share your interests, develop your social skills and form friendships are a key focus in the SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program. By being open to engaging with others, you will become more resilient to manage different work and social situations in life.

Get Social with SLES

Afford SLES trainers have established SLES Social. It’s all about getting SLES trainees together, outside of the training environment, into a relaxed setting.

Share Your Interests in a Social Setting

With trainees being similar in age, and sharing similar interests, SLES Social events are geared towards doing activities that the entire group enjoys.

Recently, our trainees attended the SMASH – Sydney Manga and Anime Show in Sydney. The group dressed up and hit the Sydney International Convention Centre for a day of colour, art and Japanese pop-culture.

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show is a Japanese pop culture convention that is devoted to artists, creators and fans alike. The event includes great guests and exciting activities such as cosplay, panels, games, and many vendors and artist markets.

The excitement was sky-high for all the trainees. Everyone had a ball taking in the fantastic cosplayers (performance artists that wear costumes relating to a specific character) and even getting dressed up themselves!

The group was even lucky enough to see some popular Japanese events such as a Maid Café, karaoke, Wotagie Glow Stick dancers, virtual reality machines, Japanese arcade games, and a range of vendors selling everything from Pokémon plushies, to artworks by up and coming artists.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our trainees and trainers really got into the spirit of the day and posed for photos with their favourite cosplay characters. They also felt confident enough to bop along to some K-pop, and enter a manga drawing competition.

One the trainees, Rune, who is a big anime fan, said that the day was “perfect.”

Wherever they turned, there was always something new to see or do. The outing was full of surprises and unique experiences.

SLES Social is About Having Fun

SLES Social is about getting out with friends and having fun. It’s about giving young people the chance to engage with others socially, build their confidence and increase their independence.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program and how you can get involved in SLES Social.