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Afford has launched SLES Social, a brand new social program for young Affordians aged 18-24 years who are interested in developing their social skills, confidence and independence through outings and experiences.

The first ever SLES Social event was a Teppanyaki Lunch experience held at Akira Teppanyaki in Penrith.

At Teppanyaki, the meal is the show! Teppanyaki is also about the spectacle and having your very own Japanese Chef showing off his culinary skills. For the SLES Social group, their chef created a beat with his tongs and spatulas, in addition to making a magnificent feast of delicious Japanese dishes. Our SLES Social group watched with amazement as their food was prepared with a flourish before their eyes.

New Experiences

The rolled omelette challenge was a particular favourite, with everyone testing their skills at catching food in their mouths as it was expertly sent flying through the air by the talented chef. Most of the group ended up with egg on their face, but that was all part of the fun!

The event was such a great opportunity for everyone to build friendships and talk about life experiences in a social setting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and festive atmosphere.

Spending Time with Supportive Friends

Getting together in a relaxed setting meant that everyone could let their inhibitions run just a bit wild with a few drinks, good friends, and a whole lot of fun!

SLES Social develops outings that interest participants. Future events include Chandons Ladies Race Day at Rosehill Gardens, which is set to be a day of style and elegance and maybe even a chance to back a winning stallion. For the ladies, it will be the prime opportunity to get dressed up and experience all the hype around attending the races. For the gentlemen of the group, they too can strut their stuff and enjoy a day at the track.

SLES Social

SLES Social is a program for capable young adults looking for a bit of adventure! All participants must have core funding.

If you are interested in SLES Social and would like more information, please feel free to contact Afford.