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What better way to understand how a business runs, than by building it up from scratch! That’s exactly what our Prestons SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees did for their pop-up start-up businesses.

The creativity and imaginations began to flow, as soon as they were given the task of creating their very own businesses. First, they had to come up with a concept for their start-up. Then decide would they provide a service or a product

Use Your Strengths and Skills

Reflecting on their personal strengths and skills, the trainees quickly started to put ideas together about what would work as a business.

Once they decided what shape their business would take, trainees then moved on to creating their business plans. They had to decide on their business name and the goods and services they wanted to sell.

Learn About the Customer Experience

Further to that, they needed to think about customer service practices. This involved thinking about elements such as having music playing in their store and how to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Once their plans were starting to come together, they also realised that they needed a plan to market their business. They needed to consider a variety of strategies, such as flyers and advertisements. They even thought of having business cards to hand out to potential customers.

As trainees began to create their storefronts, their trainer, Tayla, was overwhelmed with the detail, creativity, and professionalism that trainees displayed.

Let Your Imagination Soar!

Some of the amazing business ideas included a boxing boot camp, organised by trainees Aaron and Jamal. Their business even had a DIY boxing ring right there on-site!

Rosalind has a passion for anime, so she created her own range of plush Chibi anime characters to sell in her store.

Conner used his showmanship and love of travel to create a tourism and booking service for visitors to the Gold Coast.  Jihad set up ‘J A Hats’, complete with a range of awesome hats and fascinators. He even arranged to have smooth tunes from Ed Sheeran playing in the background to draw in more customers!

Everyone practiced service with a smile. They all showed great support for the efforts of their fellow trainees.

Everyone enjoyed visiting their friends’ stores to see what they had created. They were also very proud to showcase their own businesses.

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