Our Post:

Last Thursday, our SLES superheroes brewed up a storm for their first day of work experience at Ratha’s Place Café at St. Mary’s.

Our Trainees were introduced to the rest of the Ratha’s Place team and taken under the wing of employee Chantelle, who happily organized our trainees, gearing up everyone into their aprons.   Everyone was assigned a mentor for their shift to help guide them through the tasks. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of different roles within the café, whether it was front of house, cash register, table service or back-of-house, everyone was able to try something new.

Annalise got straight to work, utilizing her Barista Skills, creating Cappuccino’s, Mocha’s and herbal teas as well as making a delicious ice coffee. Yum! Working like a trooper, she ensured that the work space was clean, took it upon herself to organize the Customer order dockets, deliver the orders for food to the chef as well as remove dockets once orders were filled.

Another SLES Superstar, Wesley did an amazing job working the cash register as if he had done it his entire life, counting out customer change, processing payments using eftpos machine, of course the Ratha’s Staff were once again impressed!! Wesley also had the opportunity to show off his Barista skills, making a perfect double shot Cappuccino with a lot of love.

Last but not least was Minchinbury’ s Brenton at Customer Service. He had a warm smile and made everyone feel welcome into the store. Brenton did such an amazing job that at one stage he had managed to have the Customer line out the door.

Brenton also showed off his amazing talents creating a yummy Banana Milkshake and hot chocolates, delivering them to the table with an Afford smile.

Our AFFORD SLES Trainees did such an Amazing Job, by the end of their shift, Ratha’s Director and staff were so impressed that they approached Trainer and Trainees offering all three Trainees paid open employment on completion of the Cert II Hospitality course.