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Participants of Afford’s Minchinbury and Penrith SLES (Student Leaver Employment Supports) program are always learning new and useful skills to help prepare for the workforce, as well as learn every day skills for life.

Recently, SLES trainees were given the ‘Feed My Family Challenge’, where they learnt how to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Trainees were taught how to prepare chicken drumsticks and Potato Smash, while safely using an oven on their own and using techniques that they have learned to check whether food is fully cooked.

Angus is the first SLES superstar to conquer the ‘Feed My Family Challenge’ by cooking a delicious meal for his family members.

Angus marinated the drumsticks, boiled the water to cook the corn and prepared the Potato Smash all on his own. The result was a scrumptious meal for all to enjoy!

With his new found skills, Angus and his SLES peers have greater confidence in cooking for themselves and can now take an active interest in meal preparation and planning at home.

Afford works with school leavers to provide support to transition from a school environment into the workforce. The SLES program presents school leavers with the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their everyday work and life skills to become more confident to take on and manage life in a variety of situations.