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Would you like a cappucino or a latte? Because our SLES trainees just completed their barista training. Congratulations! What fantastic news. To help start them off on their job hunt, they were taken on a tour of Starbucks.

Our trainees had the opportunity to meet with store manager Mathew and were stoked to go behind the counter, experiencing the different roles on offer at Starbucks.

It was a really fun and educational day, they had the chance to mingle with the staff, watch the process of taking customers orders and preparing customers request, as well as experience what it would be like to work on the drive through window and the importance of having good time.

Trainees were able to share their latest Barista Knowledge with the staff and see the different Barista /Beverage equipment used in the store.

As always our trainees were keen to find out what qualifications and experience was required to work at the store.
A fabulous experience for all our keen future Barista’s!