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Every month, our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program trainees get to see all that goes on behind-the-scenes of a range of businesses within a variety of industries. These visits are part of the program’s Industry Visits component.

Experiencing Different Work Roles and Industries

SLES trainers work tirelessly to organise Industry Visits that give trainees the chance to experience different work roles and to explore employment opportunities.

Recently, our Minchinbury and Penrith SLES trainees participated in an Industry Visit to every ice-cream lover’s dream job – Cold Rock Ice Creamery in Penrith. Yum!

We organise visits like this to support trainees to learn about the types of jobs and duties at Cold Rock, and training involved in gaining employment at the Ice Creamery.

Before trainees had stepped into the ice-creamery, trainers knew this would be a favourite visit.

Trainees were excited to get a behind the scenes look at the ice-creamery and learnt that all 24 delicious flavours are made right there in the shop in a large ice cream machine at the back of the store.

Build Confidence to Ask Questions

It was an amazing experience for the trainees. They built their confidence in asking questions about the ice-cream and the various pieces of equipment used. It was also insightful for the trainees to learn more about the roles of the employees; what they responsibilities are and how they contribute to the overall working of the ice-creamery.

One of the highlights for the visit was a demonstration of the unique style of mixing ice-cream on a cold rock. The ice-cream was then blended with many yummy extras such as Maltesers, gummy bears and even cookie dough!

Throughout their visit at the ice-creamery, the trainees were also introduced to the business’ Work Health and Safety practices, and training involved in becoming a Cold Rock employee.

Of course, no trip to an ice-creamery is complete without some tasting! The trainees were lucky enough to try everything from strawberry ice-cream with gummy bears through to classic chocolate with Maltesers.

Everyone agreed that it was a one an interesting – and tasty! – industry visit.

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