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Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program inspires young trainees to reach for their goals. So, it made sense that the posters on the walls of SLES sites should reflect the individual goals and aspirations of the trainees taking part in the program.

Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals

The SLES Value Project began when SLES trainee, Justin, noted that all the inspirational posters on SLES site walls pictured strangers. He realised that a great way to motivate all the trainees would be to have the trainees as the stars of the posters! SLES trainers thought this was a great idea!

Your Choices are Respected

The first step to making Justin’s great idea a reality involved organising a photography day at the local park. Once a day was chosen, the trainers and trainees were excited to head to the park.

Learn New Skills

All trainees had the chance to be photographers. They helped direct their fellow trainees and learned photography techniques to get the best shot. Photos were taken of trainees posing expressing emotions and then paired with words that reflect their goals.

Back at their SLES sites, trainees learned more about editing photos and chosen inspirational messages to go with their pictures.

Some of the values that trainees chose to focus on were Teamwork, Determination, Respect, Persistence, Effort, and Friendship. After the trainees completed their posters, they then took the images to Officeworks for printing.

Let Your Abilities Soar!

Now, each SLES site is adorned with posters that have the trainees as the stars! The posters are relevant for the trainees and inspire them to grow, train and strive for their goals every day.

Afford’s SLES program gives trainees the chance to explore their interests and expand their life experience. With the support of trainers, trainees can learn valuable skills to help them in the workplace and life.

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