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Getting a taste of many different industries and work roles allows our SLESTrainees many opportunities to learn and develop new skills, as well as give them an idea of the type of work that interests them and what they need to do to secure employment.

SLES Trainee Industry Visits

A recent visit to a Japanese restaurant by our SLES Trainees gave them a good understanding of the skills required and a taste of what it is like to work in the food industry. In addition, they took the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Japanese culture and learnt to make an iconic dish to take back and make for their families.

Our trainees from SLES Marrickville visited the trendy Japanese restaurant, Kid Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, which lies in the heart of Sydney.

Trainees were greeted with a friendly smile by the restaurant manager, Jamie, who spoke about their checklist and all the different tasks they had to do before, during and after service.

Learning From Those Who Have Been There

Jamie also answered some questions about the restaurant. From this, trainees were able to get a good picture about how a restaurant is run, the various positions within the restaurant, qualifications and skills required, and Jamie’s own personal experiences within the industry.

Jamie pointed out that one of the most important assets when working at a restaurant is good customer service and a big friendly smile!

Trainees had lunch and tried some sushi, which, for one trainee, was her first time eating sushi!

Putting Theory Into Practice

The following week, our trainees participated in a cultural appreciation day and incorporated their new found skills and knowledge of sushi making!

As part of the cultural appreciation day, trainees researched Japan culture, traditions and even learnt a few basic phrases before heading out together to buy ingredients to make sushi – also a good exercise in financial literacy.

All the trainees practiced good hygiene as they learnt step by step how to make sushi. By lunch time, the trainees were eager to tuck into their creations of chicken teriyaki or tuna sushi, with avocado and cucumber.

Not only did it taste good, but all the trainees had a lot of fun making something they love eating! Trainees also took some sushi back home for their family to try. Itadakimasu (let’s eat)!