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Speaking in public, or in front of a group of people doesn’t come naturally to all of us. When we enter the workforce for the first time, speaking with people from different backgrounds, ages and levels of experience can be daunting.

Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program nurtures trainees to develop their skills in public speaking to be confident in communicating and sharing their valuable thoughts and opinions.

Prestons trainer, Faith, set all trainees a challenge. They had one hour to research, plan and write a speech about a topic that interests them, within the hour, they also had to practice delivering their speech to read out in front of the group of SLES trainees.

Allan chose video games as his topic. He had his audience hooked by presenting his speech via video link using his own video creation with his voice in the background.

Minnat is a quiet trainee. She rarely puts herself forward to speak in front of her peers, but Minnat felt comfortable delivering a speech about Marvel Comics. She also used pictures and video links throughout her speech.

Beauty was Sheryl’s topic of interest. As part of her presentation, she spoke about beauty products, hairstyles and jewellery. She used photos to illustrate what she was speaking about during her speech. Usually, Sheryl is quite shy, but she found her voice to talk to the group about a topic she loves.

Having the confidence to speak in front of others is a valuable skill for work and life. The public speaking activity reminded SLES trainees that speaking up takes courage. It enables you to share your ideas, make new friends and get involved in the things that matter most to you.

In the supportive SLES environment, trainees can develop their self-esteem with guidance and encouragement to be confident individuals in work and through life.

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