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Looking after the well being of our carers is important. Supporting carers means that every individual we support receives exceptional care throughout their life. When carers are well-rested, strategies and routines established by Afford can continue at home.

Grant Funding Vital For Additional Supports

Thanks to grant funding from Carers NSW, carers from Rouse Hill Day Program were treated to a relaxing and well deserved Spa Day. Many attendees would never have organised such a day for themselves. But the day proved that sometimes focussing on your own needs can provide some well deserved down time.

The Spa Day was hosted at the award winning Jorja James Day Spa in Emu Plains.  As soon as carers walked into the spa, they felt relaxed. Surrounded by organic products and a sensory environment, the mood was set for a re-energising morning for all.

‘Me-Time’ for Carers

Carers, Elizabeth, Ken, and Vanessa, enjoyed a magnificent massage session, followed by a delicious morning tea. Delighting in various savoury and sweet treats, all carers came away feeling very relaxed. All were very appreciative of the ‘me-time’ Afford had facilitated.

Carers Play An Important Role

At Afford, we value the very important role that carers play in supporting their loved one with disability. Their patience, courage and selfless devotion to their loved one is inspirational. We also see carers as a partner. Afford’s partner in delivering supports across their loved one’s life.

This grant funding provided by Carers NSW is significant. It allows Afford to extend our services to support the people who often let their own well being come second. We realise that every carer’s well being is instrumental in the overall happiness of our clients.

Thanks to Carers NSW For Their Support

Afford thanks Carers NSW for their grant funding to host this special Spa Day for our Rouse Hill carers. It was an overwhelming success, with many attendees commenting that the day was ‘just what they needed.’

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