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Keeping your mind and body active leads to overall well being and happiness! Now, thanks to grant funding, Afford’s Belmore Day Program clients are well on their way to happy, healthy lifestyles!

Community Grants Program

Canterbury Bankstown Council 2018/19 Community Grants Program has provided our Belmore site with funding to kit-out their fitness area with new gym equipment!

This is such a welcome addition for the Belmore community. Now, clients are more interested and motivated to make their health and fitness a priority.

At Afford, we encourage healthy lifestyles for all of our clients and staff. Our Day Program teams incorporate exciting programs to make fitness FUN!

Fitness to Suit Your Needs

It is so exciting for our Belmore site to receive these much-needed funds to include more variety in the gym equipment at their site. It also supports the creation of fitness programs, catering to the specific needs and abilities of clients.

All of the new equipment is the same as those you would find in a gym. This gives clients access to professional equipment, with the freedom to exercise at their own pace, in a supportive environment. Clients, Hiba, Harry and Memory, are now learning how to use a punching bag, weights and more.

Many clients are encouraged to increase their movement and strengthen their muscles. The new gym equipment gives every individual the opportunity to develop an exercise routine that suits their needs.

Physical and Mental Well Being

Not only does Belmore’s enhanced fitness program support physical fitness, but it also strengthens mental well being.

Since the installation of the new gym equipment, Belmore clients are more motivated. They are keen to try new exercise techniques and learn how to use the equipment. They are also very supportive of each other and work as a team.

The fitness program, developed thanks to vital grant funding from Canterbury Bankstown Council has also supported clients to build confidence in their own abilities. Their self-esteem has flourished and they are happier.

Find out more about how you can lead a healthy and active life at Afford Day Programs across Australia.