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Through Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program, trainees are encouraged to be independent under the NDIS. But, with greater independence and building confidence to explore socially and for work, some skills need to be developed to stay safe.

So, our SLES trainers, Sharon and Tayla, organised for a special visitor to attend the Penrith SLES site. Senior Constable Julie Graham from the Penrith Police Station visited the site to talk to trainees about staying safe in the community.

While trainees waited for Constable Graham to arrive, they gathered into groups to make a list of questions to ask. They considered things such as travelling on public transport, safety at work, and staying safe when going out to celebrate with friends.

Learn Life Skills

After Constable Graham arrived and was welcomed by trainees, she went on to talk about a range of topics. The topics she discussed helped trainees to have a better understanding of how to keep safe and who to go to if they are feeling unsafe. Constable Graham also explained about following the law.

Trainees were given strategies to help them stay safe while out in the community, at home, and when on social media or using websites.

Constable Graham talked to trainees about situations when 000 should be called and when you should call Crime Stoppers to report a crime. They covered a range of scenarios such as witnessing illegal behaviours such as threatening people or using physical violence, as well as doing acts of graffiti, alcohol consumption in restricted areas, drug taking and swearing in public places.

Get Inspired

Penrith trainee, Lachlan, really enjoyed the visit from Constable Graham. He was so impressed, and he asked lots of questions about how to join the police force, stating: “I think the police are awesome.”

At the end of the presentation, all trainees received a wrist band, stickers and a pen containing emergency contact numbers as reminders of all that had been discussed.

Afford’s SLES program is designed to support school leavers be more confident in tackling the outside world. It provides skills for work readiness and gives them the tools to lead the life they want.

Find out how you can join the SLES Program and learn skills for the workforce and for life.