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School leavers will find support to learn about what to expect from life in the workforce during Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program.

We’re Your Partner

Trainers work in partnership with trainees to help them realise their strengths and work out ways to use their unique talents and abilities to find a job that they love.

Stella is one such trainee from Afford’s Ingleburn SLES site who set herself the goal of completing work experience in an office environment.

Find a Job That Suits Your Interests

Stella has an interest in administrative duties and enjoys the office setting. She aimed to secure practical work experience to develop her workplace skills. Her long term goal is to secure paid employment in an office.

After talking to her trainer, Livenya, about her work ambitions, a work experience position came up at Afford’s Head Office Minchinbury in NSW.

Stella jumped at the opportunity to get started! During September and October this year, Stella headed to Afford HQ to watch and learn from the already seasoned Afford receptionists, Mikala and Donna.

Know Your Strengths and Talents

During her work experience, Stella answered phone calls, completed labelling and scanning tasks and was able to meet and greet many of the head office staff of Afford.

Stella was an absolute star in her role! She took on every task with enthusiasm and enjoyed the office environment.

After work experience at Afford HQ, Stella is now more confident in her abilities. Further to this, she has successfully achieved her main goal of completing work experience in an office.

Now, Stella is extending her skills by doing work experience at Afford’s Ingleburn ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise) as an office all-rounder.

Supports to find Your Ideal Job

With the right supports, skills development opportunities and the chance to showcase her talents, Stella has thrived in the workplace! She now tackles work with self-confidence and a willingness to try new tasks to develop her skills.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program to start 2020 with new career opportunities knocking down your door!