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Step right up, step right up! The circus has come to town…
Lurnea Day Program held its monthly site party on Thursday the 26th of July, the theme was Circus! Everyone celebrated in style, dressing up in colourful costumes.

Lurnea Day Program holds monthly themed parties as a way to celebrate all staff and clients birthdays in that month and to celebrate achievements and announce the client and staff member of the month! The themed monthly parties have been running for some time now and its been a hit with all clients and staff getting involved, having a few laughs and dressing up.

The parties are held once a month and take place on site, everyone is invited and gets involved including 1:1 supported clients who have the option to come along if they choose.

The night always kicks off with a client meeting which involves celebrating staff of the month, client of the month, and everyone’s birthday of the current month. It’s a great way to motivate staff and keep everyone in positive spirits. Participants receive certificates for their birthday and for staff and client of the month.

“My favourite part would be just seeing how they mingle together, it’s nice to watch them dance and the social aspects with how they celebrate together – it is really beautiful.” said Kristina Ragusa, Lurnea Team Leader.

The whole site is decorated to suit the theme, even the food. Participants can get involved with tasting yummy food, playing games, and breaking it down at the disco!

The next theme is a pyjama party, we can’t wait!